fixed-headsot-final-2-.jpg    Laura DuPriest's health and beauty entrepreneurial career was cultivated on the runway as an international model.  From the runway she launched her 35 year comprehensive career dedicated to teaching insider tips to women from all walks of life and how to tap the beauty that lies within.

Following her modeling career, DuPriest trained and gathered her many licenses and credentials. She is a cosmetologist, esthetician, manicurist, certified spa therapist and para-medical makeup artist. Merging her credentials she became the owner of Sacramento's First and Finest Salon and Day Spa.

In the beauty and cosmetics industry Laura DuPriest is a renaissance woman. Her revolutionary approach includes motivational tips to enhance inner beauty and homemade alternatives to expensive beauty products. There are no "beauty secrets" kept hidden at Laura DuPriest Salon; every client is encouraged to be a beauty expert. If this flies in the face of cosmetic industry norms, that's nothing new for DuPriest, who's been a maverick since she first started creating homemade facial masks from the family refrigerator. 

Her independent attitude can be traced back to her youth when she sat in on a home cosmetics party her Mom hosted. After listening to the "pitch" and "marketing story"  Laura started questioning the physcological process of the beauty industry. She decided to be a voice of reason and truth to help women sort out what was authentic and what was myth.

 Laura DuPriest "thinks outside the jar". Her innovative approach to beauty starts with simplicity and common sense. 

                     "Most women have too many beauty products in the cabinet." - Laura DuPriest

 Her belief is that formulas should be:

  • highly effective
  • solve multiple problems
  • affordable

She also believes its not how much money you spend but how a product delivers.

 Early in her career, Laura combined her passion for chemistry with her love of natural ingredients to create a product line that would eventually replace all of the high priced salon brands that filled the shelves of her first Spa.  She enlisted the help of her clientele to profile what they needed the most from hair products and cosmetics. Once she developed the prototypes, each formula was salon tested, improved, then salon tested again. Laura's clients even collaborated to create names and approve fragrances!

 By 2003, Laura became an expert in natural beauty solutions and was asked to co-write and host Natural Beauty: Salon Secrets at Home for PBS. The show toured nationwide for 2 years and was nominated for an Emmy Award. Some of her natural recipes are featured in the Random House book Natural Beauty; Pamper Yourself With Salon Secrets at HomeDuPriest is also the author of  A Beautiful New You. 

 In 2005 her Radiance Essentials line was sold on America's Store and Home Shopping Network. This year Laura DuPriest's entire beauty line will roll out on Amazon. 

The true beauty of the Laura DuPriest brand is that you will feel fabulous about the way you look and feel even better about your pocketbook. She stays true to her word in her Salon, her books and in her formulas.