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 Laura  DuPriest is the author of two books, Natural Beauty and A Beautiful New You,  Random House.  She has delivered her message of motivation to Public Television audiences as host of PBS's  Natural Beauty, Pamper Yourself with  Salon Secrets at Home.

As her salon business was building, her personal life was crumbling, the result being that DuPriest turned away from devoting time to herself and in the process “lost” site of herself. Her decline was both physical and mental, until the day of her epiphany.

From that day forward, Laura's passion has been to share her proven formula to regain health, beauty, and wellness with all women.  Her passion is to teach women that the choices they make- even the choice to ignore their own needs- impacts their world and everyone in it. A strong, healthy woman is far better equipped to nurture a strong and healthy family.She maintains the key is within. DuPriest will show those interested how to use their inner strength to improve every aspect of their lives.



Laura salon secrets and beauty tips have been featured in top women's magazines